Delhi Diaries – 5 Must Do’s

Delhi, the capital of mystical India, is a splash of different religions and cultures – a magical co-existence of people from different corners of the country. And, it truly is a riot of entertaining activities and fascinating events waiting to be explored and experienced.

Infact,  very often, Delhi has been called and labelled as ‘Dilli – Dilwalon ki …’ meaning this is the city of the big-hearted. And it is this large-heartedness that you will see – not only in the generosity of the people here but also in the city and its offerings, itself. It entices, ensnares and draws you in, much like the spider does to the fly; only this is a welcome trap. Soon, you would be enamored by Delhi and its charm and would join the multitude of its lovers.
Religion, Food, Shopping, Activities, Events – indeed, there is so much to explore and experience here, that you will soon realize you have no hope of survival unless you have visited every tourist spot, savoured every local delicacy and explored every historical monument.

Infact, the below list does no justice to the city’s offerings. However, there are some things without which your trip is incomplete and there’s no way you can leave yet.
So, make time and live the life of a typical “Dilli-wala”.

  1. Temple Tour

    Experience the different religions practiced in India by visiting some of the most famous places of worship in the country.

    • Lotus Temple and the Akshardham Temple are temples for the Hindus.
    • Jama Masjid is the most famous Mosque in India, and is frequented by Muslims and non-Muslims alike.

      jama masjid_l.jpg

      Ramadan worshippers at the 17th Century Jama Masjid.

    • Gurudwara Bangla Sahib is the second most famous Sikh Temple in India (the first one being the Golden Temple at Amritsar)
  2. Shopping

    No trip to Delhi is complete without exploring the amazing knick-knacks, trinkets, home decor products that are on offer at the various street markets of Delhi. Rest assured you wouldn’t be leaving any of these places without being laden with shopping bags (and your arms, feet and hands, if you chose to wear it then and there; which, I am assuming you will have to anyway) filled with goodies that you may have picked up here.

    • Janpath is famous for its fashion jewellery and accessories, clothes and decorative items. Pick up trendy earrings, quirky nose-rings, distinctive neck-pieces and bangles and even some attractive stoles.


      Street Shopping at Janpath. Image Courtesy

    • Karol Bagh and Nehru Place are the hubs of electronic gadgets and computer accessories respectively. Replace your computer speakers or buy that latest Xbox game you have been hankering after.
    • Khan Market and Connaught Place are the Urban Shopper’s Paradise with high-end showrooms and brands alongwith famous eateries and cafe to give you the much need respite from shopping or a coffee shot to push you on if you want to go on further.
    • Hauz Khas Village and Dilli Haat are a must visit for exclusive designer stuff and traditional handicraft items respectively.
  3. Culinary Delights

    Delhi is known for its street food and snacks as much as the high-end cafes and restaurants offering world cuisines.

    • For a real taste of Delhi’s street food (also known as ‘chat’, visit the Bengali Market or the Paranthe Wali Gali at Chandni Chowk. (also a shopping hub for designer wedding wear and jewellery)


      A view of the various street foods on offer in Delhi.

    • Stop-over at Dilli Haat (which is close to Hauz Khas) to experience the culinary delights from the various states of India (without having to travel across the length and breadth of the country). Dilli Haat has various state-specific food stalls offering the choicest delicacies from across the country.
  4. Experience
    • Raahgiri@Connaught Place – a recent event that has been initiated and is organised every Sunday morning.

      A view of Delhi most famous Landmark – Connaught Place

      The streets of Connaught Place are closed for traffic and opened for pedestrians only. Walk, Jog, Cycle, play football or badminton apart from watching amazing performances by the most famous names in music, dance, acting etc. Street plays, rock concerts, Zumba classes, first aid training sessions are just some of the activities that will make it worth your while to wake up early and reach here on a Sunday morning.

    • National Crafts Musuem – a must visit if you want to explore and experience the traditional arts and crafts of India. Watch the award-winning artisans laboriously work on their latest piece of work before you proceed to buy some of the exquisite paintings or handicrafts on display. (Look forward to my next post elaborating more about this)
    • Travel by Delhi Metro

      Delhi Metro – certified by UN for being the most environment friendly Metro and Rail transport system . Image courtesy Wikipedia

      – one of the world’s largest metro systems, the Delhi Metro has managed to connect the expanse of Delhi, providing cheap and fast mode of travel to local residents and tourists.

  5. Sight-Seeing

    A visit to Delhi is incomplete without exploring the various toursity spots – Qutab Minar, Red Fort, Humayun’s Tomb among others are the more famous ones. Go boating at Red Fort, or make you wishes come true at the Ashoka Pillar at Qutab Minar, before you take a history lesson at Humayun’s Tomb.

Red Fort

Lahore Gate at Red Fort, Delhi

Have you already been to any of these places? Or, would you like to add to the list? Have a must visit list of your own for your next visit? Share it with us here. 

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  • 1world2feet
    Posted at 12:23h, 24 November Reply

    Great tips and photos!

  • _Marielli
    Posted at 13:05h, 24 November Reply

    Beautiful photos I love Indian foods I worked with a few in my life and they made me some rice with meat and it was so good.

    • Wandering Soul
      Posted at 13:23h, 24 November Reply

      Was it Biryani? That’s yum!!!

      • _Marielli
        Posted at 14:35h, 24 November Reply

        I dont know the name .

  • Thomas Dohling
    Posted at 14:40h, 24 November Reply

    Where’s the GMR IGI Airport? The capital’s Indira Gandhi International Airport (IGIA) was adjudged the world’s best airport for the year 2014, under the category of handling 25 to 40 million passengers per annum. Surely, it is worth a mention!

    • Wandering Soul
      Posted at 14:48h, 24 November Reply

      It isn’t a tourist spot, that’s why didn’t mention it 🙂 also, anyone coming to Delhi by flight would, by default, enter the city through the airport only. 🙂 yes, it is certainly an amazing airport! especially the terminal 3 which was constructed later. thanks for your comment and for visiting 🙂

  • Marica_bo
    Posted at 18:09h, 24 November Reply

    I have been to Delhi few years ago and I visited some of the beautiful places You mentioned here. I hope to come back one day and visit the others 😀
    This is great post! May I reblog it?

    • Wandering Soul
      Posted at 18:16h, 24 November Reply

      Delhi looks forward to welcoming you again. Please go ahead and reblog 🙂

  • Marica_bo
    Posted at 18:22h, 24 November Reply

    Reblogged this on on the road through.

  • Vibrant
    Posted at 17:42h, 29 November Reply

    Dilwali 😀

    I visited Delhi in 2014 to take initiation from Saint Rajinder Singh ji in Punjabi Bagh 🙂 I loved Pyaau Sahab gurudwara 🙂

    I didn’t visit any other place, I have not heard about Raahgiri before either 🙂

    This is a beautiful post.

    Love and light <3

    Anand 🙂

  • Jennifer Juneau
    Posted at 00:48h, 20 December Reply

    Hi Priyusha! I can’t wait to see Delhi with you!!! 😀 There are some great tips in here like food and shopping 😉 Are there any Ashrams nearby?

    • Wandering Soul
      Posted at 13:18h, 20 December Reply

      Me too, Jen. Eagerly awaiting your arrival. Shall reply to your question on mail 🙂

  • Daisy
    Posted at 11:13h, 03 April Reply

    I just spent about 2,5 weeks in Delhi and I loved it. I wish I had time to see and experience more. I am certain I will return even though many travelers I met along the way expressed their dislike for Delhi. I felt at home there and now I miss it every day.

    • Wandering Soul
      Posted at 11:14h, 03 April Reply

      Delhi is an assault from the word Go. You either like it or you don’t. It does take a while getting use to it, but when you do you’re in love 😀 I know exactly what you mean. 🙂 Thanks so much for visiting and commenting.

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