The best part about being in a community of active readers is that you keep getting introduced to new authors and books you didn't previously know about. Early last year, I attended a fun event organised by an innovative start-up, Let's Barter, where I met lots of new people, played some fun games, and exchanged books with fellow bibliophiles! I got quite a few great books, like Eat Pray Love, and some brand new releases from Harper Collins (they had sponsored a few books). I think around the same time I was battling with that Great Book Flood too. I am yet to get through my loot from such events and book sales but since I have lost the battle against these unseen (and very welcome) forces I have decided to give up the fight altogether. Which means the reformed reader in me is now hoarding books like never before!

On my recent visit to Mughal Gardens, Rashtrapati Bhawan (President's Palace) at Delhi, I had clicked pictures of the gardens with my mobile camera. (I was aware well in advance that a traditional camera is not allowed, due to high security measures.) These exquisitely beautiful gardens are opened...

  India, as I have shared earlier is a land of many surprises and mysteries. Among the various treasures that it is home to, the arts and crafts of India hold many awe-inducing gems. These arts are many centuries old and have been passed on from generation to generation. Infact, that's the only way some of these techniques have been kept alive.

Delhi, the capital of mystical India, is a splash of different religions and cultures - a magical co-existence of people from different corners of the country. And, it truly is a riot of entertaining activities and fascinating events waiting to be explored and experienced. Infact,  very often, Delhi has been called and labelled as 'Dilli - Dilwalon ki ...' meaning this is the city of the big-hearted. And it is this large-heartedness that you will see - not only in the generosity of the people here but also in the city and its offerings, itself. It entices, ensnares and draws you in, much like the spider does to the fly; only this is a welcome trap. Soon, you would be enamored by Delhi and its charm and would join the multitude of its lovers. Religion, Food, Shopping, Activities, Events - indeed, there is so much to explore and experience here, that you will soon realize you have no hope of survival unless you have visited every tourist spot, savoured every local delicacy and explored every historical monument.