The Chronicles of Village Life – Part V

This is the last in the series. Check out the previous posts in The Chronicles of Village Life series under Jharkhand Diaries. There are now barely a few days to go before school reopens after the summer vacations. The first thought of living in a village was exciting and instilled in me a sense of thrill. Sure, … Continue reading The Chronicles of Village Life – Part V

The Road Ahead

When I first started this blog, it was only a testing platform for me to gauge my writing skills. I also wanted to use it as a platform to showcase my write-ups as samples, while pitching to prospective clients. I hadn't ever expected the response it got. Neither had I expected the paths it would lead … Continue reading The Road Ahead

Unseen Agra – 5 Off-Beat Places To Visit

6 months of living in Agra ten years ago and then a memorable trip last year weren’t as fulfilling and enriching as this particular trip was. A travel review assignment thanks to the IndiaisCalling initiative and HolidayIQ  and I was back in the 'City of Taj' that had first given me the hands-on experience of working … Continue reading Unseen Agra – 5 Off-Beat Places To Visit

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When I had first started blogging, my very first instinct was to make this a travel blog. In fact, my very first post was a hotel review which no one read. 😀 Then Blogging U. happened and it set me off on a journey of blogging and writing in genres that even I didn't know … Continue reading Partner: Bloggers and Social Media Influencers with

Travel Companies that are Redefining Women Travel in India

There’s something special about women breaking free from the shackles of society. What better way to liberate oneself than travelling the world- like a free spirit, visiting exciting destinations, meeting new people and exploring the unknown.  Moreover, if your travel organiser is an all-women team or one that specializes in women-only groups, wouldn’t that be … Continue reading Travel Companies that are Redefining Women Travel in India

10 Women-Friendly Work Spaces In India

10 Women-Friendly Work Spaces In India - An article written for by yours truly. I am sharing here an excerpt along with the link to the full article. Hope my writer or entrepreneur friends would find it helpful. Start-ups and entrepreneurship are the latest trends in modern and developing India, of course. And despite … Continue reading 10 Women-Friendly Work Spaces In India

One American Girl in India

Great points to read and consider when travelling to India.
No, we aren’t as backward as some of our politicians may make it look like. Yes, you do need to be careful.
Couldn’t have written a better advisory post myself.
So, thank you, Jean, for writing and sharing this – you’re more Indian than ‘foreigner’. 🙂
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Jean Burke-Spraker

I am an American woman traveling alone in India. I am not, however, a typical tourist. Before my current stay, I lived for 3 years in Mumbai. During that time, I visited 12 states, primarily in North India, although I made it as far south as Kerala. Since my husband and I left India 2 years ago, I’ve returned to India twice. Both times alone.

I have a deep love and respect for the complexity and diversity of Indian culture (really cultures). I understand how greatly it differs from my own. Even how one part of India differs from another. One reason I decided to stay in Bangalore was to gain a better appreciation for South India as I have spent so much time in the north. Bangalore is as different from Mumbai as LA is from New York.

Today, reports indicated that Mahesh Sharma, the Indian Minister for Tourism…

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The Narrow Path of Life

Life is a narrow road, isn't it? It is full of difficult choices, steep falls, sharp twists and yet we manoeuvre through them all - sometimes through sheer grit and determination; sometimes through the support of family and friends. Being too philosophical, aren't I? Can't help it. Reading 'To Cancer, With Love' by Neelam Kumar is doing … Continue reading The Narrow Path of Life

Why Best Exotic Marigold Hotel is My Favourite Film

Released in 2011, this film had been on my list of 'Movies to Watch' for quite some time now. I finally got down to watching it yesterday and was blown away. Official Synopsis: The Best Exotic Marigold Hotel follows a group of British retirees who decide to "outsource" their retirement to less expensive and seemingly … Continue reading Why Best Exotic Marigold Hotel is My Favourite Film