My Second Liebster Award!

So, I’ve received another Leibster Award (this time from Emily at JustConsiderIt, love and hugs to her!)

It thrilled me to bits to know that my writing is being liked and appreciated.  🙂 Thanks so much , all you guys.

Here’s my Thank you speech. (Please read at your own risk!)

I would like to thank myself for my constant and never-ending attempts at writing nonsense. I would never have managed this far without my support and unwavering faith. I always knew that I could write gibberish until the time others got tired of reading, and still come up with more. If in case I am ever in doubt I only need to look  in the mirror and my reflection, mocking me for what it sees, will instill the lost confidence in me.

Since, this is my second nomination (and I also have another award that I am yet to accept), I will not be accepting any more awards for the next five minutes. You may please forgive me and resume giving me more awards later. Hope, this will not condemn me to the gallows and banish me to the darkest dungeons of obscurity. I also plead to be excused for not giving away any more awards at present.  (I am very confused as to who awarded me what and who my awardees were! I hope I am not writing an acceptance post for my own nomination awarded to myself. Wait, let me check again.)

Now, to answer questions that Emily asked of me –

  1. What’s the biggest event in your life so far, and how has it affected you? It is yet to come. Hopefully, would be when I get married. Or have babies. Or get a dog. Or a cat. Or when the spaceship finally comes back to take me home. Or when POTUS and PM of India issue a joint statement that declares me a national hazard to human existence. Quite possible of the last one happening soon enough.
  2. When did you start writing? When I was in Kindergarten. Was given enough whacks on the head, before my writing was actually legible.
  3. How much of an influence has blogging had on your life? Considering I spend 10 hours reading and 14 hours writing, it would be quite a lot. Made me go completely cuckoo, if I already wasn’t.
  4. What’s the most important post you’ve done? My most important post is yet to come. It would be about when I met Jadoo, the alien from a bollywood film “Koi Mil Gaya” . Expect to read it by tomorrow. 🙂
  5. What’s your favourite subject to cover in a post? Would be fiction, I guess… since 20 hours I am in an imaginary world. For the balance 4, I am asleep and hence in dreamland.

Are the five minutes over yet? 😉

*Above post has been written by an autobot and Wandering Soul takes no responsibility of it. They express their immense gratitude and would like to thank their mummy, daddy, Derek Shepherd, Jadoo,  and You for reading this!

Much love and gratitude to you all. 🙂

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  • emily
    Posted at 08:38h, 11 November Reply

    Oh for goodness’ sake you ramble on! And if you were mad you’d be talking to me a lot more often. I would have been here sooner, but my mum was over here and I couldn’t just shove her out the door, after all, she hadn’t given me any money yet.However, I’m glad you talked yourself into answering my questions, they were wonderful. It sounds like you would like a pet. How about a cyber cat or dog then? I could probably arrange one of those.

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