Book Review: Being Reshma by Reshma Qureshi

An acid attack is, in my opinion, one of the most heinous and damaging crimes against women.

When I first visited Sheroes Hangout Cafe at Agra and met the acid attack survivors, it changed me forever.
I wrote about that first experience – an article I share regularly even now.


This year, too, I’ve written two articles on the subject. The timing for both is particularly interesting (Christmas is a festival extremely close to my heart! Not to mention that the two articles are coming out so close to each other. Together, it’s surely a sign, isn’t it?) because the purpose for both are vastly different.

One is a book review on acid attack survivor Reshma Qureshi’s new memoir Being Reshma,  published by Women’s Web​. 

Second is a special feature on the theme of ‘Shape of You’ to be published in the upcoming issue of UnBound Emagazine​. The stigmas and stereotypes around physical appearances and beauty affect me deeply and is just one the many issues I write about every chance I get!

This book impacted me deeply, and I am glad I got the chance to read it. (That, Women’s Web picked me to review this particular book is another sign, me thinks!) It isn’t a book to be read lightly or one that you could read and simply put away.

Here’s a short extract from the book review featured on Women’s Web:

The book is an extremely personal narrative of Reshma’s growing up years. The conversational tone helps keep it light and friendly – as if you’re chatting with her over the phone or messenger. I gather this is the outcome of her comfort level and interactions with Tania Singh, her co-writer for this book. Full kudos to both Reshma and Tania for keeping the tone conversational and informal on a subject that is this tragic and unnerving.

Click here to read the full review of Being Reshma on Women’s Web.

Being Reshma

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