Book Review: Being Reshma by Reshma Qureshi

An acid attack is, in my opinion, one of the most heinous and damaging crimes against women.When I first visited Sheroes Hangout Cafe at Agra and met the acid attack survivors, it changed me forever.I wrote about that first experience - an article I share regularly even now.This year, too, I've written two articles on the subject. … Continue reading Book Review: Being Reshma by Reshma Qureshi

Why I Didn’t Like Pink

Choice. Consent. Two words that are alien to Men all over the world. Case in point - US presidential candidate Trump. How did he even get there?! Tradition. Culture. Morals. Good girls don't step out at night. Good girls don't party late. Good girls don't drink. Pink, a recent movie starring the legendary Amitabh … Continue reading Why I Didn’t Like Pink