Book Review: Fearless Freedom by Kavita Krishnan

In a recent article I wrote about women change-makers, it was evident how gender equality, and as a result women’s freedom, needed a change at the social, cultural, and political level to be able to provide women the autonomy they need. The first step in providing this autonomy is understanding the patriarchal forces and other … Continue reading Book Review: Fearless Freedom by Kavita Krishnan

Book Review: Escape Velocity

I have a special affinity for short stories, and especially, ones with female protagonists. Here was an entire collection! The previous such book I had read was Madhulika Liddle’s Woman To Woman (and, interestingly, the friend who had recommended it to me is a part of this collection too.) What’s intriguing about this collection is that … Continue reading Book Review: Escape Velocity

Book Review: Being Reshma by Reshma Qureshi

An acid attack is, in my opinion, one of the most heinous and damaging crimes against women.When I first visited Sheroes Hangout Cafe at Agra and met the acid attack survivors, it changed me forever.I wrote about that first experience - an article I share regularly even now.This year, too, I've written two articles on the subject. … Continue reading Book Review: Being Reshma by Reshma Qureshi

Book Review: The Legend of Genghis Khan by Sutapa Basu

The Legend of the Genghis Khan, published by Readomania, as the title obviously suggests, is the story of the world's most fearsome conqueror-one who I had only briefly read about in history books. This book, however, is not sketchy, but in fact, a well-researched and in-depth story about what made him the great emperor of Mongol. … Continue reading Book Review: The Legend of Genghis Khan by Sutapa Basu

Book Review: A Thousand Unspoken Words by Paulami DuttaGupta

Just before I first picked up A Thousand Unspoken Words, I had finished reading some very difficult but hard-hitting books like Status Single and Mornings in Jenin. In fact, the only reason I picked up this one was that I was looking for a feel-good romance that would make me all dreamy-eyed and therefore reduce … Continue reading Book Review: A Thousand Unspoken Words by Paulami DuttaGupta

Book Review: House of Discord

Religion has always created a divide amongst Indians that love and humanity can never fill up. Rationality, what’s what? The Babri Masjid demolition is seared in Indian history as one of the most devastating events that caused largescale destruction and deaths, an incident that sparked subsequent tragedies and terrorist activities. But Bombay, as it was … Continue reading Book Review: House of Discord

Book Review: Just Married, Please Excuse

A story about a married couple who discover the journey to being happily married isn't as obstacle-free as originally imagined. Blurb: Caution: Marriage Ahead ... Yashodhara, a quick-tempered gal from the big city, is hitched to Vijay, a laidback desi boy from a small town - in one word, trouble! The young couple must learn to … Continue reading Book Review: Just Married, Please Excuse

Book Review: Shadow In the Mirror

A pregnant woman falls off her balcony and leaves behind many unanswered questions and broken hearts. Vinny, an inquisitive journalist sets out to find what’s behind the death of a seemingly happy woman. The narrative is interesting, as are the various twists and turns that you will encounter, as you unravel the mystery with Vinny. The … Continue reading Book Review: Shadow In the Mirror

Book Review: Padmavati

Padmavati, also known as Rani Padmini, was a legendary Rajput queen whose tales of valor and beauty have enamoured people and inspired paeans over the centuries. With the upcoming release (now indefinitely deferred) of Sanjay Leela Bansali’s ambitious cinematic project, also titled Padmavati, interest is at an all-time high. So are the controversies surrounding the … Continue reading Book Review: Padmavati