One Year …

One Year!blogiversary

One year of leaving what I considered my second home (hotel industry). One year of being unemployed. One year of being penniless. One year of an impromptu decision that I hadn’t given as much as a second’s thought to. It could have been the worst decision I’d ever taken. But instead, thankfully, it turned out to be the best thing that I’d ever done.

Not only have I never been this content and at peace but it’s because  of this decision that that I’ve found my calling. Not only did it made me discover new things I didn’t know about myself but I also re-discovered myself, one who had been long lost – one who was childish and carefree. I reconnected with old friends who I’d lost touch with while chasing monthly targets and closing deals and made new ones who have now become an integral part of my life.

It marks not just one year of blogging but also one year of a new career, new friends, a new purpose in life – in fact, a whole new life!

The year was full of its own set of disappointments and failures, which unlike before, I took as an integral part of my journey and learning, and moved further with renewed zeal. I’ve had small and big successes which have pushed me to do better.  Some dreams have come true, others haven’t. But it’s been one hell of a journey so far.

I couldn’t have asked for a better start to my writing career. With 500+ bloggers in one year, discovering my real calling, and Wandering Soul becoming a recognized brand, and an anthology ready to be released next month, I feel like I have achieved a lot in a short span of time. It’s been one year of living life to the fullest. One year of chasing my dreams. One year of whimsical story-telling and wishful thinking that sometimes made people laugh and other times made them cry. One year of writing nonsense and of writing something that is sad, tragic, and realistic, and hopefully would help bring a change. One year of attempting to making a difference in my own small way and hopefully succeeding.
It’s been a rewarding journey. Thank you for being part of this journey. It’s because of you that Wandering Soul has come a long way. That I have come a long way.

I do hope the lucky innings continue next year too.

What has your blogging journey been like? Do share your failures and successes via the comment box below. Would love to be a part of your journey just as you have been a part of mine. 🙂

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  • Ananya Sharma.
    Posted at 09:59h, 31 October Reply

    Hi, Ma’am. I feel great that you don’t regret the decision.
    I’d like to ask you something –
    Would you recommend the same to someone else, if you had to? 🙂

    • Wandering Soul
      Posted at 10:18h, 31 October Reply

      That’s a tough question, Ananya. I would not recommend it as something that everyone should do. However, if you are convinced that’s what you want and that it will be the right decision for you, then, may be, yes. I had no idea how things would turn out. It did end up great is something that I know now and am pleased it turned out so well. But it very well could have gone the other way too. I don’t know what would have I done then. So think about what’s important to you. A lot depends on what you are doing currently and how are you faring there. When I quit my job, I was already miserable and wanted out no matter what the consequences. I believe everyone’s journey is different. So you’re the best judge of that. Are you ready to take that risk? Are you ready to accept and deal with the failure and financial and social consequences. What I will wholeheartedly recommend is this – “Follow your heart! Believe in yourself and do your best in whatever it is you choose to do.” 🙂 Hope that helps. All the best!

      • Ananya Sharma.
        Posted at 16:47h, 01 November Reply

        Thank you very much, Ma’am. Although, I’m in no such position as of now. Just a college student but I don’t know why I was imagining myself at your place. Maybe it was the impact of your strong writing. Anyway, Thanks again, It might help me in future. 🙂

  • jacquelineobyikocha
    Posted at 10:13h, 31 October Reply

    In everything we give thanks and you have a lot of reasons to be content. Well done and congratulations. To many more years ahead

    • Wandering Soul
      Posted at 10:20h, 31 October Reply

      That’s true, indeed. Thank you, Jacqueline. 🙂 Also, for being a part of my journey. Yours was the best V-Day party I attended. Shall never ever forget what a blast I had with you all. 😀

    • ellenbest24
      Posted at 11:32h, 31 October Reply

      Oh sorry to intrude jaque’s V day party was the awesome cats p, jamas. So pleased I was reminded of friends met fun had and memories made. 😇

      • jacquelineobyikocha
        Posted at 12:07h, 31 October Reply

        Thank you dear Ellen. I am glad to hear this 🙂

        • ellenbest24
          Posted at 12:12h, 31 October Reply

          I’m sure I let you know at the time, but wow dont you just love memories. 😇

  • haripriyakm
    Posted at 11:28h, 31 October Reply

    Cheers P! Happy for you 🙂 I’m sure you have just started a journey that’s going to be great all in all.

    • Wandering Soul
      Posted at 13:10h, 31 October Reply

      Thank you Hari! Good to see you blogging again 😀

  • ellenbest24
    Posted at 11:37h, 31 October Reply

    A life can turn on a sixpence so we can learn from both good and bad times they shape us, make us what we become. We shoud remember to give thanks show gratitude for lessons learned both good and bleeghu!
    I try to love every day sometimes it is harder than others but live in the now and enjoy every single moment. Good luck your journey has truly begun. And happy blog day 😇

    • Wandering Soul
      Posted at 13:10h, 31 October Reply

      Thank you so much! 🙂 You’re so right. We should all try to enjoy, live, and love every day to the fullest.

      • ellenbest24
        Posted at 13:21h, 31 October Reply

        You should wonder over to my place soon because you never know what you could be missing. 😉

  • Feelings and Freedom
    Posted at 13:11h, 31 October Reply

    Hey. Many congratulations! You have come a long way and have explored the best of yourself. All the best. Way to go!!

  • Akaluv
    Posted at 13:49h, 31 October Reply

    That’s awesome! I’m so happy for you 🙂 My blogging journey started a few months ago, and it’s been my lifeline ever since. Blogging has taught me more about myself and helped me to find my self worth.

    Next year, I plan to take my blog and writing to the next level.

    • Wandering Soul
      Posted at 13:58h, 31 October Reply

      Thank you 🙂 I agree with you on the finding your self-worth part. I feel the same way. You’re making the right decision in taking your time to develop it slowly. 🙂 All the best!! 🙂

      • Akaluv
        Posted at 14:02h, 31 October Reply

        Thank you :3

  • mphadventuregirl
    Posted at 15:47h, 31 October Reply

    I started blogging last December and was not that interested in starting one. But decided to after so many people convinced me for multiple years. My blog did not really start becoming successful until this summer and I have close to 80 followers right now. The success truly started when I took two blogging wordpress classes over the summer.

    I have realized that blogging does in fact become addicting and have learned more about who I am. My blog focuses mainly on musicals and spirituality and through blogging, I realized I know more about then I think I do.

    • Wandering Soul
      Posted at 03:51h, 01 November Reply

      That’s true. It does help you realise and value your own self. I didn’t realise I could write poetry or creative non-fiction until a WordPress writing course made me do it. Try the too. It’s amazing. ☺

  • booksandpens7
    Posted at 17:01h, 31 October Reply

    Hello, ma’am! Your blog post is a great read and it feels nice to know that you have had an inspiring journey from despair to happiness. Personally, I am of the opinion that passionate writing is possible when one has experienced a sort of pain and struggle at least once in their lifetime. And has emerged victorious and more powerful from it.
    Blogging is a platform that helps us realise the distance we have covered from where we started to where we stand now.

    • Wandering Soul
      Posted at 03:49h, 01 November Reply

      Thank you so much. I think you need imagination and an understanding of the world. You need not have suffered yourself to be able to write. Compassion and empathy are equally important.

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  • Life Memoirs Blog
    Posted at 07:32h, 01 November Reply

    It’s not easy to go with your dreams and passion

  • Diya
    Posted at 09:53h, 16 November Reply

    Many many congratulations sweetheart! All your successes are hard-fought and well deserved. Here’s raising a toast to you for being brave enough to take the leap and chase your dreams! 🙂 God bless!

    • Wandering Soul
      Posted at 14:46h, 16 November Reply

      Oh!! *blushing* Thank you so much!!! 😀 The successes are sweeter and worth all the pains because you are a part of them. Thank you for being a part of my journey 🙂

      • Diya
        Posted at 04:31h, 17 November Reply

        Hehe… now I’m blushing 😛

  • Christy B
    Posted at 01:31h, 28 November Reply

    Congratulations! This is quite the accomplishment 🙂

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