The Modern Day Woman of Today

Love is hard. It always has been so. Life, not so much.  Why then do we make things complicated and take love to be the easy bit while making our own lives difficult through our actions and decisions? What makes us not take the challenges that life throws at us seriously enough and instead add more of … Continue reading The Modern Day Woman of Today

Wings of Freedom

A brilliant poem that everyone can relate to. Featured under ‘From Around the World.’
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Feelings161 you should definitely write more often.

My Feelings My Freedom

                                                Wings of Freedom

Wings of freedom is all I need,

I want to live and not just breathe.

I want to fly high like a bird,

I want to dream, go out of the herd.

Wings of freedom is all I dare,

I want to be cared the way I care.

I want to reach the stars and skies,

I want to abandon the world of lies.

Wings of freedom is all I insist,

I want to flow and not resist.

I want to spread the joy around,

I want to see my world abound.

Wings of freedom is all I ask,

I want to take off this mask.

I want to be happy and sure I will,

With Wings of freedom, I’m sure I will.

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