Choice. Consent. Two words that are alien to Men all over the world. Case in point - US presidential candidate Trump. How did he even get there?! Tradition. Culture. Morals. Good girls don't step out at night. Good girls don't party late. Good girls don't drink. Pink,...

Love is hard. It always has been so. Life, not so much. 

Why then do we make things complicated and take love to be the easy bit while making our own lives difficult through our actions and decisions? What makes us not take the challenges that life throws at us seriously enough and instead add more of our own.

I recently caught up with a friend of mine, who was visiting Delhi for a couple of days. We had met a few months ago and hit it off instantly. This was the second time we were meeting and although we were no school time besties, it didn't take long for us to open up to each other and share our thoughts uninhibitedly.