When World Affairs Stump and Trump – Satire Around The World

Below is an article that I co-wrote with my friend and co-author in Mock, Stalk & Quarrel - Tanushree Ghosh Dhall - for Huffington Post. In conflicting and confusing political climates, what becomes vital is having a voice. That is the most privileged avenue we have as humans to help us make sense of anything … Continue reading When World Affairs Stump and Trump – Satire Around The World

Oh heavens, why on earth did I follow that blog?

I have myself unfollowed a few blogs for various reasons. And I’m sure others may have unfollowed me too. Mick explains it perfectly. Comments left enabled here as I am keen to know what you think. But do visit the original blog too. 🙂

Mick Canning


Every now and again I get unfollowed. And every now and again I unfollow a blog. Is it a big deal? Should it be a big deal?

At first, it can seem hurtful to find that someone has unfollowed you on any sort of social media, but really it shouldn’t be. Somehow, I find that I now follow a huge number of blogs, most of which I love, and I do wish I had more time available to read them more fully and comment on them, but I don’t. This means that every now and again I sacrifice one for the common good.

But, never without good reason.

First up, one thing that does irritate me, is when I visit and read a blog, leave a response – sometimes a quite lengthy one – and never receive any sort of reply. One blog that I initially followed was like this…

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10 Women-Friendly Work Spaces In India

10 Women-Friendly Work Spaces In India - An article written for Sheroes.in by yours truly. I am sharing here an excerpt along with the link to the full article. Hope my writer or entrepreneur friends would find it helpful. Start-ups and entrepreneurship are the latest trends in modern and developing India, of course. And despite … Continue reading 10 Women-Friendly Work Spaces In India

5 Ways to Maintain an Interactive Blog and Create a Fan Base!

Some great tips on blogging. 🙂 Comments disabled here. Head to the original post for the whole article and share some love. Featured in ‘From Around the World‘.

Dan Alatorre

head shot your humble host

A fantastic blog I’ve been reading and enjoying is Rashmi Menon’s Mind And Life Matters and her Beyond Coffee And Words , (coffee is written with Piyusha Vir). Both sites are brilliant and uplifting places to go and spend time.

I recently asked Rashmi to pen a guest blog post (do we “pen” things anymore? “Clicked and clacked the keyboard” has much less of an artistic ring to it) and she graciously obliged. Since her blog is so engaging and personal, I asked her to train her keen eyes on that aspect of her work, and here it is. 

All authors are told to have a platform, and a blog can be an important part of that. If you’re gonna do it, do it right. Rashmi shows you how.



Rashmi_Blog_Picture (1) Rashmi Menon

You have read the manuals and by now you already know that as a serious…

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Things Break

The best thing you’ll probably read this Sunday. Comments disabled here. Please visit the original post and share some love. Thank you for writing this Pam. Loved the stories and the message within them.

Catching My Drift

That’s how the light gets in
That’s how the light gets in
–Leonard Cohen, Anthem


Sometimes, things break.


It is her favorite mug, the one with the cherries on it–a thick piece of crockery, sturdy and cheerful.  It came from a local potter who’s recently closed up shop, so there’s that little ping of irreplaceability: This is a piece we will never see made again. It keeps her coffee wonderfully warm.  It is the perfect curved shape to cup with both hands, to spread warmth from palms to soul on days when warming’s needed.

And then she drops it one morning, watches in awful slo-mo as it spirals toward the sink. A big chip flies off the base.  The handle detaches with a sharp, painful crack.

She picks it up.  Oh, this is silly, she thinks, as tears spurt,–silly to mourn for a mug!



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Haiku Tutorial and Announcement!

Reblogging this because both my sisters did it. So, I had to do it too, just to show solidarity. Also, because he calls himself as Alien. Also, because I’m not a poet. I know what you’re thinking. Nope, still not a poet.
Also, I shall try and participate in this. You should too.
Hai Huku Hai Huku Hai Hai-ku!!

Camster Origami


I rarely ask you to reblog my posts, but today, please do! Why? Coming to that part, it’ll be at the end.

So what a bunch of you might not know is I’m a poet.

You also don’t know that I’m an alien.

But that’s beside the point. So, I won 2nd in a National Poetry contest. Yep! So today, I’m going to a) teach you how to make a Haiku and b) make the announcement that’s worth the reblogs!

So let’s get to it, shall we?

But I can’t rhyme, you say. It’s alright- haikus don’t usually rhyme!

So this first part sounds all complicated, but it isn’t: A haiku is a three line poem that has a syllable pattern. No! Don’t go running!


Dang it. Stick figure guy is out. But… it’s okay, it’s not that bad.

Line 1- 5 Syllables

Line 2- 7 Syllables

Line 3- 5…

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Wings of Freedom

A brilliant poem that everyone can relate to. Featured under ‘From Around the World.’
Comments are being left open so that you can give feedback generously for this new writer.
Feelings161 you should definitely write more often.

My Feelings My Freedom

                                                Wings of Freedom

Wings of freedom is all I need,

I want to live and not just breathe.

I want to fly high like a bird,

I want to dream, go out of the herd.

Wings of freedom is all I dare,

I want to be cared the way I care.

I want to reach the stars and skies,

I want to abandon the world of lies.

Wings of freedom is all I insist,

I want to flow and not resist.

I want to spread the joy around,

I want to see my world abound.

Wings of freedom is all I ask,

I want to take off this mask.

I want to be happy and sure I will,

With Wings of freedom, I’m sure I will.

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How mindfulness can change your life

This new year forget the weight loss resolutions. Instead make the most of each moment. Comments disabled here. Please visit original blog. 🙂

Health Continuum

In the past, I have written about the importance of mindfulness, both as a way of overcoming status anxiety and improving your overall health and well-being. One of my favourite ways to practice mindfulness is through mindful walking. However, there are many ways in which you can make mindfulness a part of your life.

How Mindfulness Can Change Your Life

Credits: Shakti Himalaya and Chris Morley (Designer)

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