For a die-hard Bollywood buff who has watched him entertain in many films, he needs no introduction. He is not just a popular face and name but also a seasoned artist, writer, director, and a renowned film, television and stage actor, Jayant Kripalani. Now he is all set to entertain us with an upcoming novel - Cantilevered Tales, published by Readomania. A novel that, with its riot of situations and characters, seems to be as entertaining as any film. So imagine my reaction when I got the opportunity to host him. And what's more, here he is sharing the story of how and why he turned an author. Over to him to answer the big question -

Why Jayant Kripalani wrote this book?

Camp NaNoWriMo began on April 1st and with it started my attempt to write a novel. I have no idea how it's done. I've been writing for about 6 months now. I started with a few prompts from Writing101 and from there ventured in writing short pieces of fiction, among other genres. A few of my fiction (and humour) pieces were well received and BAM!! I declared myself to be the 'Writer of the Year'. With the experience of only a short stories and a few non-ficton articles, I was still a novice. And yet, this March I decided to attempt a novel. Self-doubts, notwithstanding. Currently, I'm up to 5000 Words. I've given myself a target of 10,000 words. And it's just the 6th of April. I have ample time to complete the rest. That's what anyone would think. Maybe, even me. But no! I don't have ample time. Deduct the 4 days I'll be out on a family vacation, remove a few days of travel fatigue, laziness, sickness and binge-watching TV shows and I have just a day or two over two weeks. Which scares me a lot.