Yours, Forever

Aryanka put in the final strokes of colour and paused to see her handiwork.  The edges were a little off, she thought and set down to correct it. Finally, after two hours of painstaking work, she stepped back and looked at the clock. It was almost eight o’clock. The bell would ring any moment now. … Continue reading Yours, Forever

An I for an I

Rhia couldn’t believe the words being hurled at her. She recovered quickly enough and yelled back at her accuser. ‘You’re always only expecting me to handle everything. As if I am your personal maid, house-cleaner, cook, etc. Don’t I have feelings? What about me? What about what I like?’ ‘What about you, huh? What about … Continue reading An I for an I

Book Review: House of Discord

Religion has always created a divide amongst Indians that love and humanity can never fill up. Rationality, what’s what? The Babri Masjid demolition is seared in Indian history as one of the most devastating events that caused largescale destruction and deaths, an incident that sparked subsequent tragedies and terrorist activities. But Bombay, as it was … Continue reading Book Review: House of Discord

Book Review: Just Married, Please Excuse

A story about a married couple who discover the journey to being happily married isn't as obstacle-free as originally imagined. Blurb: Caution: Marriage Ahead ... Yashodhara, a quick-tempered gal from the big city, is hitched to Vijay, a laidback desi boy from a small town - in one word, trouble! The young couple must learn to … Continue reading Book Review: Just Married, Please Excuse