Niranjan Shetty closed the file and put it aside. Leaning forward he said, “Preeti, it’s best for you to leave this to the experts. This is no time to think about all this. Let the management handle it. You focus on your tasks.” “Sir, if I am given this project I’ll be eligible for the promotion. I’ve been working in this department for 3 years. I know I will be able to pull this off. I am well qualified for this promotion and the pre-requisite is being able to carry out a new project,” urged Preeti. “No!” Niranjan bellowed. He leaned back, exposing his oversized belly and crossed his flabby arms across his chest.

Arjun looked around at the lush greenery, soaking in the early morning sun rays. It was good to be back home, he thought, as he jogged down the cemented path, which was flanked by shrubs and flower bushes.jogging path He had had to modify the exercise regime here. The neighborhood gym wasn’t anything like the one at his place in Melbourne and he hadn’t wanted to use the run down, badly maintained machines.

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Anaisha stared at him, confused. She had just asked her guests whether they preferred tea, coffee, juice or soft drinks. And, he had answered Whiskey?! Whiskey! Had he really asked for Whiskey? But he never consumed liquor! Or did he? Anaisha wondered what else had changed in these past 5 years.

Preeti felt sore all over. Sitting in the same position for long hours did that to her. She rubbed the back of her neck, as she waited for the flying envelope to reach the end of the screen. After what seemed like an endless wait, during which only the sounds of her breathing and the whirr of the computer could be heard, the words “Mail sent” flashed on the screen. Finally! She quickly typed out a message on her phone and pressed Send. Almost instantaneously her phone buzzed, indicating a reply. “yes, mommy...all homework by myself… now can I have pizza today please.I am hungry come soon”

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Anaisha stared at him, speechless. She was stunned and confused; surprised and shocked, thrilled to see him, yet apprehensive about meeting him after so long. Was he their new friend? Had Jayesh known about the two of them? Was that why he had been invited? She vaguely heard the others chatting and talking but couldn't tear her eyes away from him. She just stood there, rooted to the spot, her mouth agape. A myriad of thoughts and questions rushed through her mind. Was he the out-of-town, amazing architect that Green World had signed on? But hadn't that happened almost a year ago? How come they were crossing paths only now? Was that because she'd never actually met the rest professionally and this was the first time the entire group was meeting at one place? Was he Dipin's friend? She'd known Dipin for long. Knowing her Delhi roots, surely, he would have mentioned earlier about having met a Delhi-based architect. Maybe he was Jayesh's friend! That would explain why they hadn't met earlier. Come to think of it, she had been signed on by Green World Realty, just last month only. She couldn't possibly have known the entire team working on the project. Was he the one behind her getting that deal? Had he always known about her? Had she not hosted this dinner, would they have actually met? Anaisha was stunned and apprehensive at the same time. He was going to have some questions of his own too, she thought. Was she ready to answer them? Was this going to be the best night of her life? Or the worst?

For our New Year celebration, my parents were participating in a Golf Tournament which was followed by a New Year party.
The venue was a small but challenging Golf Course, which my parents were looking forward to playing at. We would also get to meet other golfers and interact with them before the tournament officially started.
I however, was interested in only the part where I would get to enjoy New Year party. I refused to let my enthusiasm be affected by the teeny weeny little fact that it wasn't yet December 31st, and hence, not officially a New Year's Party.
We reached the venue early, and after the quick registration process and name tagging of the golf bags, were graciously escorted to the Welcome Lounge, where High Tea was being served. I found myself in luxurious environs and surrounded by the golfing elite. I had resolved to be on my best behaviour, even hoping to entice some handsome hunk to walk up to me and strike a conversation.
I chose a nice corner sofa and delicately perched myself on it, ignoring its groans and moans. "Hullo." I practiced a sophisticated drawl in my mind, with a slight tilt of my head and a Mona Lisa-like smile.

This is Part III of a continued series. Read Part I -Lost and Part II - Memories. However, feel free to read it on its own too. :) Anaisha pulled the door open, and warmly welcomed her guests in. Each of them was carrying a huge packet, which they...

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Tring … Tring! She ignored the ringing telephone, as she concentrated on the task at hand. Her brow furrowed, as she chewed her lower lip, the pen in her hand poised in the air, following each written line. She couldn’t find anything amiss. Finally, she picked up the telephone receiver. “27," announced a voice on the other end, before she could say anything. “48,” she replied, staring at the ceiling. “Ha, I win!” “That’s not fair. I solved it, just a few seconds later probably.” “Nope, you picked up the phone late. Besides, you got it wrong,” he said knowingly and continued. "Tomorrow, samosas (a popular Indian snack, stuffed with spicy potato filling and deep fried) and tea are on you,” he chuckled.