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Here is where I shall share my responses to various challenges or events that I participate in.

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Kirthi Jayakumar – An Epitome of True Beauty - Beauty comes in all shapes and sizes. Colours, too, for a country that’s obsessed with being fair and slim, the definition of beauty is a tad stereotypical. And yet, there are people who smash the stereotypes on their heads and redefine all concepts and ideas of beauty. In the recent couple of years, as a … Continue reading Kirthi Jayakumar – An Epitome of True Beauty

Pool Shenanigans - I’m a water person. I spend hours taking pictures of water – whether it be a small water fountain or of waves crashing over the rocks or even tiny raindrops on the window. I even learnt swimming just so I could sit and play in the pool for hours on end. This picture below is … Continue reading Pool Shenanigans