Author Interview: Tanushree Ghosh

Fellow writer, inspiring social activist, and dear friend, Tanushree Ghosh, recently published her first single-author book and I couldn't be happier. Unfortunately, due to innumerable reasons, I couldn't get my hands on the book earlier. And now, I don't want it to end. The book in question, titled From Another Land: Making Home in the Land … Continue reading Author Interview: Tanushree Ghosh

[Updated] Author Interview: Aditya Gautam

There is no denying that there is an increase in sexual awareness all across the world. Urgent calls to indulge in healthy and open discussions around sex are being made across the world — online and offline. Incidents of sexual abuse are more vocally being condemned, while at the same time, there is more focus on good sexual health. Amidst all of this, there is also the downside. Everything seems to be focused around sex — to the extent that, now there is an overdose of sexual content, direct or implied. Sex is used to sell everything from deodorants to inverters! This raises various questions, including the most critical one, how is porn affecting us as a society? It becomes imperative that for us to understand its impact, and analyze our own role in it. Continue reading Author Interview: Aditya Gautam

A Conversation with Anurag Anand

Is the cocoon of safety we build around ourselves really as secure as we think it to be? Are all tragedies a result of an unfair hand dealt by fate? This is the premise of Anurag Anand's latest novel - a crime thriller fiction, To Hell and Back: Not all Tragedies are Orchestrated by Fate, published by Readomania.  Reading … Continue reading A Conversation with Anurag Anand

Some Insightful Some Hilarious Conversations – A Chat with Jayant Kripalani

I first met Jayant Kripalani at the launch of his novel Cantilevered Tales. He had us all floored with his witty one-liners and quips. I had worked on the marketing for the book before its launch but hadn’t interacted with him directly. When I finally met and, like the rest of the audience, got him to … Continue reading Some Insightful Some Hilarious Conversations – A Chat with Jayant Kripalani

A Tete-a-tete with Sadiqa Peerbhoy

Set during the communal rights that followed the Babri Masjid demolition, Sadiqa Peerbhoy’s House of Discord, published by Readomania, is the story of a dysfunctional family living in Bombay and explores the impact of the violence and hatred that erupts around them. I've read (Here's what I thought of it) House of Discord and was absolutely thrilled … Continue reading A Tete-a-tete with Sadiqa Peerbhoy