Pool Shenanigans

I'm a water person. I spend hours taking pictures of water - whether it be a small water fountain or of waves crashing over the rocks or even tiny raindrops on the window. I even learnt swimming just so I could sit and play in the pool for hours on end. This picture below is … Continue reading Pool Shenanigans

Fish Therapy!

Back in 2010, my parents and I went on our first international holiday - to Thailand. Because it was the first such trip to foreign shores, and also filled with many firsts, it was indeed a very exciting and fun holiday for us.  Filling out immigration forms, going wide-eyed at the duty-free stores, having our eyes … Continue reading Fish Therapy!

The Narrow Path of Life

Life is a narrow road, isn't it? It is full of difficult choices, steep falls, sharp twists and yet we manoeuvre through them all - sometimes through sheer grit and determination; sometimes through the support of family and friends. Being too philosophical, aren't I? Can't help it. Reading 'To Cancer, With Love' by Neelam Kumar is doing … Continue reading The Narrow Path of Life

Pretty Picture of the Week

Another one of my clicks during my visit to Chandigarh, earlier this month. Something about this flower attracted and fascinated me - the imperfections, the dual colours, its full bloom while others around it are either only half-way there or still are unopened buds, offering untold promises of beauty contained within. This sight reminds me of … Continue reading Pretty Picture of the Week