When I started writing (and blogging), I had certain dreams, of course. But what I hadn’t expected was how close I would be realizing them. I have a story in a soon-to-be-published anthology as well as my almost complete novel. While there’s still work to be done on that, I am excited that it’s nearing completion and soon would be a complete manuscript ready to be sent to publishers. But there has been something else that has kept me buzzing with excitement, day and night. And while I have hinted at it earlier, saying that there is some big news coming up from my end, I hadn’t really told you what it is. Finally, that moment has arrived when I can share the big, exciting news with you all.

Nine months ago I was unemployed. A day later I was a blogger and wrote my first blog post. And thanks to you all, I've started to believe in myself as a 'Writer' and that there may be some future for me as an 'Author'. Random doubts still plague me. Is what I've written interesting and impactful? Does it make the reader laugh (or cry)? Is the grammar correct? Is the story well narrated?

With Camp NaNoWriMo in full swing and my Sikkim travel tales, the Story Continuation Challenge got second rate treatment, unfortunately. But here it is , with another interesting prompt this week. But first, over to last week's stories. I loved the stories that came in last week. Let me repeat that. Absolutely, loved them! With such a depressing prompt, I hadn't expected such a variety of responses. You continue to surprise me, week after week.